Q. What you should know about bongswag size chart ?

A. Our sizes are one size larger than the normal market size. If you wear size ” M ” of other brands whose chest size would normally be 40 inches, you should purchase size ” S ” of our brand which has the same chest size.

Q. What are the sizes in inches ?
  • XS (extra small) – 38 inches
  • S (small) – 40 inches
  • M (medium) – 42 inches
  • L (large) – 44 inches
  • XL (extra large) – 46 inches
  • XXL (extra extra large) – 48 inches
Q. How can I contact for further information ?

A. You can email us your requirements or call us, we also have a WhatsApp helpdesk number. Also you can reach us via Facebook.

Phone: +91 7059203643

WhatsApp Helpdesk: +91 9432109341

Facebook Helpdesk: Click Here